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           Auxiliary Verbs

Auxiliary verbs come before main verbs to give a different meaning to a clause.  Together, auxiliary verbs and main verbs create verb phrases

Be verbs are used with main verbs to createprogressive tenses.

        Ibrahim is working on his essay right now.  (present progressive)

            Ibrahim was working on his essay last night.  (past progressive)

        Ibrahim will be working on his essay tomorrow. (future progressive)


Modals are used with main verbs to create verb phrases that give advice or show possibility, ability, obligation, desire, or

future action.

         You should read this book.

         Stanley could get an academic scholarship.

         Tanya can run a marathon in under three hours.

         We must arrive between seven and eight o'clock.

          I would like to visit the new museum.

         They will buy a house in the spring.