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                Be Verbs

Be verbs include the words am, is, are, was, were, be, being,  and been.

1) Be verbs are used as linking verbs to link subjects to predicate nominatives or predicate adjectives.

      Vang and Jesse are  members of the student council.

      Rebecca istall  for her age.

Too many linking verbs create weak writing because they lack action.  Although writers should not avoid linking verbs altogether, writers should use them sparingly and deliberately.  

2) Be verbs are used with 

past participlesto create passive voice.

      Vang was elected  in September.

      Rebecca has been chosen  to play center on the basketball team.

Too much passive voice creates weak writing because passive voice is wordy and indirect.  In general, writers should write sentences in active voice.  Although writers should not avoid passive voice altogether, writers should use passive voice sparingly and deliberately.

3) Be verbs are used to create  progressive tenses.

     Roberto has little time to study because he is working until midnight.

     Because Daniesha was walking her dog, she missed the call.

     We will be driving to my grandmother's house.