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Classification (Fallout Shelter) Essay

​World War Three is on its way.  Unfortunately, the people of the world have succeeded in developing weapons that will destroy all human life . . . almost.  You are a scientist that has developed a fallout shelter that can keep twelve people alive for three months.  You have determined that after three months, the planet will once again be safe for human life.  No other fallout shelter like your shelter exists.  The twelve people allowed into the shelter will be the only twelve people left alive.  You will not be entering the fallout shelter.  You are terminally ill and only have three weeks to live.

The twelve people you select will be the only hope for the survival of the human race.  You must choose wisely.  First, you need to think about different types of people you would choose.  For example, you might decide that your shelter needs people with medical knowledge.  However, you would probably not want twelve people with medical knowledge.  You might also want people with leadership ability and people who can provide food.  Brainstorm different skills that you think would be important for the group to survive and thrive.  Be able to explain why such skills are necessary.  

Next, you need to decide on specific people to enter your shelter.  The twelve people you choose must come from this list.  

Write an essay that explains your choices.   Follow the general format below to write the essay.  NOTE: This essay will be written with a 1st-person point of view.  In other words, you might use the word “I” frequently.

Introduction—Catch the reader’s attention by explaining the situation.  End your introduction with a thesis statement that explains the categories (at least three) that you have put your selections into.  Click here for an example introduction.

Body paragraphs—each category will have its own paragraph.  Therefore, you will have at least three body paragraphs.  The body paragraphs might have the following organization.

                Topic sentence—introduce the category and explain its importance

                Support 1—introduce the first person in the category

                Detail—why does this person fit into the category?

                Support 2—introduce the second person in the category

                Detail—why does this person fit into the category?

                Support 3—introduce the third person in the category

                Detail—why does this person fit into the category?

                Concluding sentence—wrap up the paragraph.  Perhaps you could                   explain what would happen without these people.

                **remember that each sentence in a paragraph needs transition from                 the previous sentence

               **remember that each paragraph in the essay needs to transition                      from the previous paragraph


               Click here for an example body paragraph.

Conclusion—Revisit your categories and the situation.  Click here for an example of a concluding paragraph.

Read these three essay examples before you begin writing.  

Use this checklist and this rubric to make sure you have met the requirements for this essay.