Who Versus Whom

Understanding when to use the pronoun who and when to use the pronoun whom continues to baffle writers who need to write formally.  This video explains the rules of when to use these two pronouns.  

​Sentence Variety: Beginning and Interrupting Sentences with Phrases

Sentences of all types can begin or be interrupted by phrases.  Along with this page about phrases, this video explains how to incorporate phrases into sentences to add variety.

Parallel Structure

Along with this page about Parallel Structure, this video explains what parallel structure is, when it is important, and how to create it

​Avoiding Wordiness

Even grammatically-correct sentences can be unclear.  To write clear sentences, writers need to avoid wordiness.  Along with this page about wordiness, this video explains how to avoid wordiness.

​Relative Clauses

Many sentences include relative clauses to modify words in main clauses.  Along with this page about relative clauses, this video describes relative clauses and explains how to use them correctly. 

​Sentence Fragments

Sentences fragments are other common sentence mistakes.  Along with this page about Sentence Fragments, this video explains how to identify and correct sentence fragments.

Compound-Complex Sentences

The compound-complex sentence is another type of sentence.  Along with this page about Compound-Complex Sentences, this video explains how to write compound-complex sentences correctly. 

​Sentence Variety: Compound and Complex Sentences

Compound and complex sentences are two other types of sentences.  Along with this page about Compound Sentences and this page about Complex Sentences, this video explains how to write compound and complex sentences correctly.

​Run-On Sentences

Run-ons are common sentence mistakes. Along with this page about Sentence Run-Ons, this video explains different types of run-on sentences and how to correct them.  

The videos below teach a variety of grammatical and sentence-improving concepts.  These grammatical and sentence-improving concepts are covered throughout the pages of this website.  Together, the videos and the website pages offer a variety of ways to learn about the language.  The quizzes found throughout the website will help learners check their understanding of what the videos and website pages teach.  

​Subject/Verb Agreement and Verb Tense

Along with this page about Subject/Verb Agreement and this page about Verb Tense, this video explains how subjects and verbs in clauses need to agree.  It teaches learners how to make subjects agree with verbs in all verb tenses.

​Simple Sentences

The simple sentence is one type of sentence.  Along with this page about Simple Sentences, this video explains how to write simple sentences correctly.

Vocabulary Expansion

​This video explains how a better understanding of parts of speech can help learners expand their vocabulary to read and write better.

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