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To conclude a traditional essay, writers should do three things:

In making a smooth and effective exit, a writer should find a way to echo the main point and tie the essay together in an interesting way.  The writer should return to the thesis, make some general concluding remarks, and end with a memorable sentence or two.  Tying the hook from the introduction to a memorable insight is a great way to bring the essay full circle. Even good writers struggle with conclusions. Strong conclusions take time.  They are planned, drafted, and revised.   
Conclusions often start narrow by revisiting the main idea and end broad by revisiting the hook, but they do not have to.
1.  Revisit the thesis statement using different words than those used in the introduction.
2. Summarize the main points of the essay.
3.  Provide a general but memorable insight that relates to the topic and/or revisit the hook without directly restating it.


   Concluding Paragraphs