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      Concluding Sentences

Every well-developed paragraph should have a concluding sentence to signify that a paragraph is complete. 

Basically, the concluding sentence and

the topic sentence work together to

"package" the support and details of

the paragraph.  A concluding sentence

will typically re-visit the claim made in

the topic sentence.  However, since a

concluding sentence has all the support

and details behind it, the concluding sentence should provide additional insight.  

In the example paragraph below, notice how the concluding sentence re-visits the topic sentence while providing additional insight. 

These days, how often do you see an American teenager without a cell phone?  Because cell phones are so integral to American teenagers’ lives, cell phones have significantly changed teenage culture in the United States.  First of all, today’s teens are always in touch.  Cell phones are on twenty four hours a day allowing teens to make calls or send and receive messages while sitting in class, while eating, while driving, or while walking the dog.  Even though teens are always in touch with each other, they actually have less face to face time.  Go into any coffee shop today and you will see teens sitting next to each other but rarely looking at each other; they are all looking at their phone screen and texting.  As texting has become more popular, talking has become less popular.  Consequently, the coffee shops that were once vibrant with teen chatter are eerily quiet now; the chatter has been replaced by frantic thumbing.  Those who grew up before this new century would hardly be able to compare their teenage lives to the lives of teenagers today.