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        Independent Clauses

An independent clause contains a subject, a verb, and a complete thought. Therefore, an independent clause can function alone as a complete sentence.

     When the verb of the sentence is transitive, the independent

     clause needs a direct object for there to be a complete thought.

         The Seattle Seahawks  defeated the Denver Broncos.

            Bill  rode his motorcycle.

            Sandra  threw the ball.


     When the verb of the independent

      clause is intransitive,  the

     independent clause does not need

     a direct objectfor there to be a

     complete thought.

           Millie  sat.

           Ibrahim  arrived.

           My brother  lied.

     Whether the verb is transitive or intransitive, an independent

     clause can be modified by words or phrases to give more detail,

     but these modifying words and phrases are not necessary for the

     clause to be independent.

        The Seattle Seahawks easily defeated the Denver Broncosin Super Bowl XLVIII.

           Bill  rode his motorcycle  across the country.

           Sandra  threw the ball to her daughter.

           Millie  sat quietly on the park bench.

           Ibrahim  arrived  early.

           My brother  lied about eating the cookies.

When the verb of the independent clause is a linking verb, the independent clause needs a predicate adjective or a predicate nominative for there to be a complete thought.  A predicate adjective describes the subject of the independent clause; a predicate nominative renames the subject of the independent clause.

          Samuel  is  intelligent.

           June  was the leader.

          We  were  late.

          They  are  teammates.


Every sentence needs at least one independent clause.

A sentence that lacks an independent clause is a sentence fragment.

A sentence with only one clause, which has to be an independent clause, is a simple sentence.

Two independent clauses can be joined together to create a compound sentence.

Two independent clauses that are incorrectly joined create a run-on sentence.

An independent clause can be joined with a  dependent clause to create a complex sentence.

Two or more independent clauses can be joined with one or more dependent clauses to create a compound-complex sentence.