Below is a sentence with a prepositional phrase diagrammed.

            Indirect Objects

Indirect Objects  are nouns or pronouns that come before direct objects.  An indirect object receives a direct object.

      My mom sent me an e-mail that wished me a happy birthday.

      Marquis gave Johnny a ride home.

      Yesterday, Jasmine baked her sister  cookies.

      The quarterback threw the receiver the ball.

      I bought myself a new bicycle

Notice that sentences with indirect

objects can be re-written with

prepositional phrases.  These

prepositional phrases describe the action of the sentence and typically come after the direct object.

     My mom sent an e-mail  to me.

      Marquis gave a ride  to Johnny.

      Yesterday, Jasmine baked  cookies  for her sister.

      The quarterback threw the  ball to the receiver.

       I bought a new bicycle  for myself.  

Below is a sentence with an indirect object diagrammed.



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