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            Noun Clauses

A noun clause is a dependent clause that functions as a subject an object, or an appositive in a sentence.

There are two types of noun clauses.

1) that clause--a that clause begins with the word that; a subject and a verb follow the word that

           That his team would lose was obvious.                     The that clause is the subject.

           Shukri hopes that she will graduate next spring.        The that clause is a direct object.

In less-formal writing and speaking, the word that can sometimes be removed.

           Shukri hopes she will graduate next spring.

2) wh clause--a wh clause begins with words such as what, why, or how; a subject and a verb follow the wh word.

           She did not agree withwhat the senator said.     The wh clause is an object of a preposition.

           I cannot understand why Doua sold his house.     The wh clause is the direct object.

             How she performed the trick remains a mystery.  The wh clause is the subject.