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           Noun Phrases

  Phrases That Function as Nouns

Some phrases can function as a subject, object, predicate nominative, or appositive in a sentence.

A gerund phrase can function as a noun.

     Exercising regularly helped Alfonso lose seventeen pounds.

            Here, exercising regularly is the subject of the sentence.

     Annette enjoys watching movies on Saturday nights.

            Here, watching movies is the direct object of the sentence.

     Luis gave playing the saxophone a try.

               Here, playing the saxophone is the indirect object of the sentence.

     His biggest pleasure is taking a nap in his hammock.

            Here, taking a nap is the predicate nominative.

     Raul's dream, attending college, will come true in the fall.

            Here, attending college is the appositive.

Infinitivesand infinitive phrases can function as nouns (if they function as subjects, objects, or predicate nominatives).

     To graduate from college is Raul's goal.

                Here, to graduate from college is the subject of the sentence.

     Milo wants to go to the concert.

                Here, to go to the concert is the direct object.

     Richie's plan was to run the marathon, but he got injured.

                Here, to run the marathon is the predicate nominative.