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My sister Tara should live at home during her first year of college for a number of reasons.  One reason she should live at home her first year is that room and board is very expensive.  Next year, room and board costs at the university will run over seven thousand dollars.  By living at home, Tara will be able to put that seven thousand dollars towards tuition. At home, my sister willalsobe able to receive academic support. My mom is a teacher and will be able to offer her all the support she needs at no cost. Finally,college can be very emotionally and physically stressful. If she lives at home, my family can give Tara moral support so that she can focus on her studies.  Being a successful college student will improve my sister’s chances of succeeding in life; living at home will increase her chances of succeeding in college.

Paragraph Pattern

Topic Sentence

     Transition  + Supporting Sentence #1

                                    (supports topic sentence)


                                     (explains supporting sentence #1)

     Transition  + Supporting Sentence #2

                                     (supports topic sentence)


                                     (explains supporting sentence #2)

     Transition  + Supporting Sentence #3

                                     (supports topic sentence)


                                     (explains supporting sentence #3)

Concluding Sentence



A paragraph is a group of sentences that relate to a single main idea.  The main idea of a paragraph is highlighted in the 

topic sentence.  While a topic sentence can come anywhere in a paragraph, writing instructors typically recommend that writing students put topic sentences at the beginning of a paragraph.  A topic sentence should be followed by supporting sentences that help prove whatever claim the topic sentence makes and details that explain the supporting sentences.  Transitions are important between supporting ideas to help the ideas flow together.  A well-developed paragraph typically ends with a concluding sentence that lets the reader know the paragraph is done.