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Possessive Nouns

Possessive nouns show ownership over other nouns.  


         The child grabbed the dog'stail.

                                            dog owns tail

         Last night's storm damaged the Larsen family's house. 

                 night owns storm                            family owns house

         The teachers' lounge is off-limits to students.

                 teachers own lounge

Singular possessive nouns end in an apostrophe and s.  's   


         Jamal's house was featured in last week's newspaper.

         A friendly neighbor returned the child's ball.

Often, writers mistakenly add 's to make a noun plural.


        Too many car's speed through Mark's neighbor.

                         The   's   after car is incorrect.  

                         The   's  after Mark is correct.

        Too many cars speed through Mark's neighborhood.

Irregular plural nouns such as childrenmenwomenmice, and deer are made possessive the same way that singular nouns are made possessive.


        The children's swing set needs to be replaced.

        The women's bathroom is closed for cleaning. 

Regular plural nouns end with s.  To make regular plural nouns possessive, add an apostrophe after the s.   s'


         At the zoo, we visited all the animals' cages. 

                                                       animals own cages

         Professional athletes' salaries are too high.

                              athletes own salaries

         The school plans to renovate the musicians' practice room.

                                                              musicians own practice room