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Possessive Pronouns


​Possessive Adjectives

Pronouns are words that replace nouns.  Possessive pronouns show ownership.  

Possessive pronouns include

          mine----------The book is mine.

​          yours---------The money is yours.

          his-------------The shoes are his

          hers-----------The gloves and hat are hers.

​          ours-----------The cat is ours.

          theirs---------The house is theirs.

Adjectives modify nouns.  Like Possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives indicate ownership.  Possessive adjectives show who or what owns something.  

Possessive adjectives include

          my------------I found my book.

          your----------Tallie will get you your money by next week.

          his------------James bought his shoes at Run-N-Fun.

          her-----------Michelle wore her gloves and hat.  

          our-----------Our cat did not come home last night.

          their---------Niesha and Rob plan to sell their house.

          its------------The dog bit its tail.  

Notice that possessive pronouns stand alone, but possessive adjectives do not.  A possessive adjective must be followed by a noun.

Pay close attention to its versus it's.

Pay close attention to their versus there and they're.

Pay close attention to your versus you're