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 Present-Perfect Progressive Tense

Present-perfect progressive tense verbs express continuing actions that have recently been finished or that began in the past and continue now.       

             The present perfect-progressive tense is created with the auxiliary verbs

          has been or have been  plus a present participle (verb with an ing    



                  I have been studying for my exam.

                  Lizzy has just been swimming, and her hair is wet.

                  Susan and Jacob have been working on their project all day.

                  He has recently been traveling, so he has a lot to catch up on this


                  Because Robert has not been doing his homework, he cannot go to

                        the game.

                  The team has been playing well, so the coach gave her players the

                        weekend off. 

Subject/Verb agreement is important in the present-perfect progressive tense.  If the subject of the clause is singular, than the auxiliary verb has must be used.

                   Jerome has been looking for his wallet all day.

If the subject is plural or compound, the auxiliary verb have must be used.

                   Jerome and his wife have been looking for Jerome's wallet all day.