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       Present-Progressive Tense

Present-progressive tense verbs express continuing actions that are occurring now or express a continuing current condition.

            The present progressive tense is created with the auxiliary present

         tense be(am, is, are) plus a present participle (verb with an ing ending).


                 I am studying for my exam.

            The scientist is conducting an experiment.

            Rachelle and Tom are hosting a holiday party.

            She is being irrational.

            Students are throwing balls of paper across the room.

            My brother is giving me his old baseball glove.

The above examples are in active voice.  The examples below are in passive voice.  Passive voice in the present progressive tense is created with the auxiliary present tense be (am, is, are) plus the present participle be (being) plus a past participle.  To avoid wordiness, writers should limit the use of passive voice.


              An experiment is being conducted by the scientist.

          A holiday party is being hosted by Rachelle and Tom.

          Balls of paper are being thrown across the room by the students.

          An old baseball glove is being given to me by my brother.