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Sentence Fragments

A sentence fragments is not a sentence because it cannot stand by itself.  Every complete sentence needs an independent clause; a sentence fragment lacks an independent clause.   

A phrase alone is a fragment.

--with determination

--studying all night

--confused by the assignment

--to succeed in life

--a charismatic leader

A phrase can be added to an independent clause in a variety of ways to create a simple sentence.

--With determination, Lucia swam the English Channel.

--A charismatic leader, William energized his team.

A dependent clause alone is a fragment.

--because Mya sprained her ankle

--although the night was cold

--if you eat your vegetables

--when we finish the project

A dependent clause can be added to an independent clause to create a complex sentence.

--Because Mya sprained her ankle, she needed crutches.

--You can watch a moviewhen we finish the project.