Simple Present Tense

Simple present tense verbs express actions in the present, express reoccurring or habitual actions, or indicate a general truth.

     Research shows that one's level of education impacts his or her earning potential.

       Tabitha eats healthily and exercises regularly.

       He is the president of the company.

       Kenyatta and Roberto are creative and funny.

Subject/Verb Agreement is important in the simple present tense.  Singular nouns agree with singular verbs and plural or compound nouns agree with plural verbs.

singular subject     singular action verb(singular action verbs end in s)

 The child                    walks to school.

  Elise                         plays basketball.

 The student                studies at the library every day.

plural subject       plural action verb (plural action verbs do not end in s)

 The children                walk to school.

  Elise and Jane           play basketball.

 The students               study at the library every day.  

singular subject     singular linking verb(is)

 The child                    is a walker.

  Elise                          is excellent at basketball.

 The student                is a strong academically.

plural subject       plural linking verb (are)

 The children                are walkers.

  Elise and Jane           are excellent at basketball.

 The students               are strong academically.

Singular and plural pronouns have their own subject/verb agreement rules.
pronoun as subject     action verb
        I                               run.
            You                          run.
         We                          run.
        They                        run.
         He                          runs.
           She                          runs.
         It                             runs.

pronoun as subject     linking verb
        I                              am fast.
            You                         are fast.
         We                         are fast.
        They                       are fast.
         He                         is fast.
           She                         is fast.

         It                           is fast.

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