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Put the following paragraphs into a logical order to create an essay.

Although known for its enormous size, the engineering precision of the Great Pyramid’s construction is the real reason behind its uniqueness. The builder’s pursuit of perfection is evident in all aspects of its construction. Over 2.3 million finely cut granite and lime stone blocks were used to construct this mega monument. These blocks of stones were cut with such precision that even a hair could not penetrate between their joining seams. To apply this level of detail to 2.3 million stones without the use of modern day tools is an accomplishment on its own. Additionally, a well-built foundation determines the length of time it will remain intact. To support 6.5 million tons of weight, builders constructed a 13 square acre limestone base. It was assembled so perfectly that after 4,500 years the four corners of the base show an average error of 58 millimeters. The Great Pyramid displays perfect geometric properties. The four walls are identical to each other in height, width and mass with errors noted in fiftieth of a millimeter. No other structure possesses the level of precision displayed in the Great Pyramid, which is why civil engineers use it as a benchmark to replicate its accuracy even today.

In volume, the Great Pyramid is the largest man-made

structure on earth. Initially it was 455.4 feet tall, 755.9 feet

wide, and weighed over 6.5 million tons. These dimensions

make the Great Pyramid taller than most radio towers, wider

than two football fields combined and eight times as heavy

as the Chrysler building. It is so massive that it can be seen

from outer space. To construct the Great Pyramid, builders

selected the material very carefully because a collapse of one

stone could have brought down the entire structure. To assure

structural integrity, granite was used for its interior and

limestone for the outer casing. While most blocks weighed around 2.5 tons, some larger blocks weighed over 80 tons. These stone blocks were quarried and transported from Aswan valley located 500 miles from the construction site.  How builders managed to quarry, cut, polish, transport, and raise these blocks remains a mystery to this day.
The Great Pyramid has quietly stood for thousands of years witnessing man’s gaze upon it with awe, yet never revealing its mysteries. It remains the largest and most perfectly created man-made structure to this day. Its precise construction baffles even modern day engineers. Above all no one claims the ownership of such creation. For all these reasons, not only is the Great Pyramid mysterious, it is also unique. Although secretive of its builders the Great Pyramid is a true testament of human ingenuity, perfection and desire for immortality.

An ancient Arabic proverb states “Man fears time, but time fears the Pyramids”. The Great Pyramid of Egypt has mystified us for thousands of years. It is considered to be the most perfect man-made structure ever built. The Great Pyramid is the oldest and only surviving ancient wonder of the original “seven wonders of the world”. Even though it was built thousands of years ago, the Great Pyramid remains one of the tallest, heaviest, and largest monuments to this day. It is a mystery how ancient man was able to construct this colossal monument. The Great Pyramid is unique because of its massive size, extraordinary engineering precision and unknown origins.

The Great Pyramid’s construction clearly demonstrates the work of master engineers, yet no one has ever claimed to have built it. It was a custom during the time of the Pharaohs to have inscriptions connecting the monument to their name. Although, other pyramids around Egypt follow this tradition, the Great Pyramid is completely absent of any inscriptions. Without any markings, the monument goes unclaimed to this day.  Scholars are completely mystified as to why someone would go to such lengths to build this perfect monument but never take the credit for its construction. According to mainstream archeologists it took nearly an army of workers to build the Great Pyramid. While missing inscriptions at the site is odd enough, the fact that no ancient text ever mentions its construction ever taking place is even more unusual.